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Dear Client,


Please be informed that - following the previous practice - when booking an appointment with the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing (NDGAP) it is required to provide the name of the client concerned. In case you are acting as a legal representative or as an authorized representative, you are also required to provide the name of the client concerned in the procedure. In case of multiple clients - including families -, the name of each client must be provided. When booking an appointment the full name of the client (surname and first name) must be entered and if the procedure was initiated via EnterHungary the EH number (letter code EH with 7 or 8 digits) must be provided together with the name.


Appointments different from the above may be cancelled by the NDGAP. A notification of the cancellation will be sent by the NDGAP to the e-mail address provided at the time of booking.


Please note that we are only able to receive clients whose names are indicated in the reservation for the booked appointment. If a person different from the one indicated in the reservation appears at the booked time, the NDGAP is unable to receive him/her at the time booked. For clients appearing at NDGAP without an appointment described above client service will be provided in accordance with the general procedure.

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As it was specified by law the official decisions, which procedures started after 1 November 2005, are announced on the website of the Office of Immigration and Nationality. If there is no result with the provided data in the search engine below, please click on the HIRDETMENY link, and repeat the search on the interface that appears.


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